A Cure for the Flu

Seems the guys behind Linctagon, Nativa (Pty) Ltd, have figured it out. \o/ YAY! \o/

They know that sleep is the best medicine, so if no real medicine can help, let’s just knock out the patients. 😮



The clever girl at the pharmacy just nodded wisely when I asked her if this would be a good medicine for two deadly sick patients. And she was right. Like totally. First impression after taking a hearty sip from the flask is Oh yummy, so sweet and lekker, second sensation is you feel the warmth and and silky godness going down your throat and you feel so relaxed and tireZZZZZzzzzzzzrrrrzzzz…

Needless to say we emptied that bottle in no time and can hardly wait for the next flu season. 🙂 And I slept so good as never before.


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