That’s Your Shit!

And Thank You for it.

Reader ladyjacqueline1234 sends me a very nice and stylish photo of her “crappy liquid cooled i-5 6600k, 32 GB of Corsair 3000mhz RAM and Sapphire Radeon Nitro rx480”. See this shit here:


My answer to that super clean dream in blue was that I officially hate her now. With a vengeance! But she just cooly responded that she hates “when I get on laggy sims and my FPS drops down into the 80’s with ultra settings and advanced lighting..its really upsetting and so laggy feeling when that happens..bahaha.” Ya, I can imagine it must be sooo upsetting to stand around and chat with only 80 fps. 😮 Dunno how she bears such a disappointing SL experience.

Here’s the proof of her technological master race-ness:


What say you, gang, shall we make Jacqueline our hardware guru now and give her a weekly column where she can wax on about kompootahz? No clue about you people but I’d have the one or other question about what to buy next. Dunno if Jackie’s on Linux as well, would be nice to have a Linux-columnist with some more clue about shit than only the Orca.

The next contribution doesn’t really count since it was sent in by staff-member LucyInTheSky Afarensis. Lucy lets me know she’s got new guests at home:

house guests

My reaction to that was a very hysterical “EEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeps!!!! 😮Thx for letting us know, Lu.


Apart from the usefulness of these feedback messages by Jackie and Lucy isn’t it a nice feeling to know that your fellow readers have lifes and interests and problems same as you? That you’re not alone, caught in a room with that maniac editrix Orca?

I fukn love it! For me it makes all the difference to know that Lucy gets stung by wasps while she so gloriously directs the Saturday TrYC races and that the Lady Jacqueline suffers lowlow FPS on her crappy rig. Makes all us glamorous rock star SLelebs a bit more human, no?

It’s like knowing the super glamorous über-bloggerista Strawberry Singh nearly starves to death once a year during the month of ramadan. In my eyes this very real human treat of a cartoonish SL pixelpuppet makes her even more adorable and doesn’t take away off her glamorousness the least little bit.

Now you know already 3 personal things about 3 fellow SL residents, 4 if you count me too. I’ve given you much more insight into RL Orca’s personally not so glamorous lifestyle and secrets than I ever wanted. Ok, who’s next?


  1. Nice blue computer. I recently bought a new office warrior. Nothing special, but a passive cooled kabylake i3-7300t CPU, ssd, 8 gb ddr4, 300 watt power supply, only onboard graphics. It should come in next week. I might report here about how that kind of combination works out for me.
    Have a nice day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, please do so, and don’t forget to send a piccie. It’s important to have photos in blogs. For an office warrior your setup sounds very nice, particularly with 8 gigs of RAM and an SSD. I was flabbergasted about how fast even the i3-4130T on Gaga is if you don’t expect any gaming power from that miniscule machine. I also upgraded to 8 GB but only DDR 3 so-dimm RAM and also only a traditional mechanical hard drive. Still it’s no slouch.


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