Len Had Problems

Len (Don’t Call Me Lenny!) had problems installing Archlabs 4.0. Okay, neither he nor his problems nor Archlabs are topics of this post, although I might do a review of Archlabs in the future. But for now I just wanted to write about something different, boot problems with new installations of Operating Systems. In Len’s case it was caused by Ubuntu MATE, which is his main system, blocking the boot of Archlabs as a secondary system on the same SSD.

Datz sum geeky shit! Don’t watch!!!

And here is the strongest argument for my admittedly cowardish workaround by giving each installation its own dedicated computer environment. Yes, Orca don’t dual boot, Orca don’t split hard drives or SSD’s in between different Linuxes, Orca don’t make Virtual Machines, Orca likes to keep everything neat and tidy. Orca ain’t looking for trouble and overly geeky troubleshoots. Because if I’d ever accidentally destroy my beloved Manjaro system by fooling around with other Linuxes on my good production machine, I wouldn’t be able to ever forgive myself.

Come on now, hardware is as cheap as it was never before, so there’s no reason not to pick up some older computing boxes from the usual places. Gumtree, Craigslist, eBay, thriftstores … there you can get a complete armada of PCs for less than a thorough fuck.

So, you watched Len’s video? I didn’t. My mind went numb after 2 or 3 minutes in and I decided I don’t need that shit in my life. I want my OS working for me not me working for my OS, dammit. That’s why we (I say we since hubby just installed MX-16 on MiniMe for a test run) install operating systems one at a time and never have them sharing resources. Life’s already hard enough for our poor little computers getting bombarded with new shitty systems every couple of days, why make it even harder on them and on us?

Orca’s brain assplodes!

Remember Trap telling us how to install different systems in 24 easy steps on one and the same PC by utilizing a Virtual Machine? That’s adorable and very very nifty. I also loved her rationale:

So you want to try out a new OS for your computer. Like most of us you only have one computer in the house and there’s no way you want to do anything funny with that.

Yeah, nothing wrong with that attempt for it’s the reasonable and grown-up solution for all our problems. And I’d do it myself and even propagate this solution but is it the correct housewifey way? 24 hostile geeky steps? I guess not. Let’s not forget Trap is a highly trained interwebzy professional while Orca and her bloggy are all about … well, housewifes, exploring Linux n shit without getting dirty and geeky. We have other stuff to worry about, like pixel fashion and hairs and boats and houses and oh my …

Cheap and fashionable computer.

And besides … shopping for computers is shopping too! And we love shopping, don’t we?


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