Do You Guys Really Hate Orca so Much?

Or are you just fukn laaaaazyyyy?


Since like forever – well, forever in Orcablog terms, so a coupla years – I’m asking you, no, begging you, to report about everything new and exciting in your lifes, don’t I? And you know what I mean with that: Got a new PC or Mac, a oldnew Linux test machine, just destroyed your trusty SL sailing computer with 1024 draw distance and 50 miles speed during Lucy’s Saturday noon race @TrYC, bought a new shiny camera or a tablet? Maybe you just replaced your old trusty rollerball mouse with a new laser model or went back in time and purchased your first mechanical keyboard, or started a blog on your own, or any other website? Found a totally kool website everybody should know about, or a YouTube channel to follow religiously?

GirlCycleOr maybe you just found The To Die For SL gimmick or gadget or vehicle on the marketplace, a thing so special everybody needs to see. Maybe it even was a freebie, which would make it even more adorable. As you know there’s a new LCC splintergroup, Roadward Cruisers (or so) now. And you need some kinda road vehicle for cruising with them, so you bought the most fucked up British parellel twin? Or a shiny Harley. Doesn’t really matter.

NewPCWell, I know you did! These things do happen to all of us. Not even the most frugal anti-consumists among us can live like totally without stuff! And if you succumbed to the call of commercialism, as we all do from time to time, if you splashed out some dough for anything techy or tacky … you know where it belongs, right? Yes, in this here blog! Admit it, Orca bores you with her boasting about dirt cheap sub par computational machines, as if they are the bestest like ever. You yourself got so much nicer things at home. Hey, come on, accept the challenge and put Orca and her pretty bad machine pool to shame. Make that bish suffer unbelievably and envy you forever.

Traptop ๐Ÿ˜‰

I know you have much better computers than Orca, and better cameras as well, as just recently proven so impressively by Trappy. Hey Trap, we know you also got a wonderful desktop machine and a lappy to die for, so show them off!

CameraGirlAnd it’s sooo fukn easy. You don’t even need a co-blogger status (as that seems to paralyze most of yous), just snap some photos of your stuffz, send them to me or send me the address of wherever you store them (don’t forget to make them stealable!) and get ready to get interviewed the shit outta you.

The Delos CrewIt’s astonishing how particularly my fukn bloggy, a blog specifically made with a kinda SL communal spirit in mind, is so bereft of third party content, isn’t it? In case you haven’t noticed, this blog’s focus has slowly shifted from pure SL Sailing, over SL general topics to girls in technology and particularly girls on Linux. That doesn’t mean I’m not interested in SL stuff anymore, absolutely not. As you know I still go inworld myself once a week or so. But it’s hard to come up with the latests happenings on such a schedule. But I know most of you are still racing or cruisng with the LCC or Topless or Rainbow Cruisers … you catch my drift? Yes, I want the stories, wanna know all about what happpened during the last cruise. SL snapshots are the most easy way to catch photos, so all it needs is your storytelling spirit and … voila. One more story for Thar She Blows!

So, people, get busy!


  1. Awww dear Orcsi. I am not much the blogger-kind of person, even in my G+ account I didn’t publish anything for more than 2 years.

    Anyway, I can’t enter SL for a week already, Shields@ Noon is on hold now until I can go back. My puter resolved to not accept the video card anymore, if I install it old puter simply don’t start. Yesterday I ordered a new machine, after loong discussions about prices. But I think you will like this part: I asked my technician to make it dual boot – Win7 (I hate win10) and Mint – this way I can learn Linux, and later remove the M$ part ๐Ÿ˜›

    But back to the blog thing. Maybe I can publish results of Shields@Noon and races in Naked (hosted on Sundays by August, who helps me in TrYC on Saturdays.

    XOXO Orcsi

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    • “My puter resolved to not accept the video card anymore, if I install it old puter simply donโ€™t start.”

      That sounds like the graphic card is broken. Computer should still be ok, which is cool = Linux test machine!!! \o/ YAY! \o/

      “I asked my technician to make it dual boot โ€“ Win7 (I hate win10) and Mint โ€“ this way I can learn Linux, and later remove the M$ part ๐Ÿ˜›”

      Love it!!!

      But butbut, why have the techy installing software? Hardware guys are never good with software. Also Win 7 is easy to install. It just takes very long and in typical Windows fashion you need to install all the drivers. But Mint should go smoothly and super fast. Also Mint’s hardware detection and driver installation is legendary and goes kinda automatically.

      So as long as you know how to type your own name a simple OS installation is not a thing you pay a techy for. GIRLPOWER!!!

      “Maybe I can publish results of Shields@Noon and races in Naked (hosted on Sundays by August, who helps me in TrYC on Saturdays.”

      \o/ YAYAYAYAY! \o/ Sweet, Lucy! xx oox

      And don’t forget to post some photos!

      Super, I love it. That way I don’t ever need to log into world ever again. ๐Ÿ™‚



      • Oh, and one more hint tipp trick boss-like solution for ya: To choose the Minty goodness was a perfect decision. Congratz on that, hun. While you’re at it, please consider installing the LMDE version instead of 18.1. It’ll be ever so slightly different from 18.1, but not as much as to change the paradigm, so no fear. What you achieve by the change is an even more stable base system (Debian instead of Ubuntu), a little bit more speed (Debian instead of Ubuntu) and the freedom from new installs (Debian instead of Ubuntu). LOL.

        While the Ubuntu based Minty needs reinstall every 6 months, LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition) will roll smoothly from update to update and theoretically never needs to be reinstalled ever again! But always stay fairly outdated and behind the times, as typical for Debian. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Apart from that you’ll have basically the same user experience as you’ll get the same desktops to chose from: The fancy modern Cinnamon and the good old boring MATE. Perfect. Dunno if Mint is available in KDE flavour … but who needs that shit anyway? Haha.


        • Or … you could stay kinda in the same environment/infrastructure and go with Peppermint. I haven’t tested it yet but it’s basically a blend of Mint/Ubuntu, very lightweight, very modern and very fast. And same as all Mints it runs directly out of the box, without any mods and tweaks.

          Looksie here:


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