ZZ’s Narrowboat

Mmmmm, I’m a huge fan of the British counterculture-ish lifestyle of narrowboat dwellers. Look it up on YouTube, for example here … or here. Seen it? Cool, eh?

So of course I couldn’t refuse when I found ZZ’s latest offer in my inventory’s inbox: It was a narrowboat! Fuk yeah! When you’re friends with ZZ and Sapphy you’re probably receiving a lot of their builds as well, no? Dunno how you manage, I mostly store them unopened in my inventory, planning on a huge unpack story one day in the near future, but then going on with my usual plan for the day. So today I logged on, planning to find and visit another onsen for my ongoing bathhing quest. I was ready to just accept and forget ZZ’s latest offer … when I noticed it was a narrowboat! Forgotten was my splishysplashy plan and off I was onboard my new boat.

Of course is the SL grid with its open seas not the optimal environment for a narrow canal barge but I thought the old fishery port of Half Hitch would make a nice background for my photos. LOL, that plan didn’t quite work out as the longboat was rather long-ish and behaved very awkwardly in Half Hitch’s rather miniscule marina.
So I moved a bit down south and choose the tropical resort of Windlass as location. Yes, I know, palm trees and sunshine aren’t the correct environment  for a British canal boat neither but this is fukn SL, dammit! So here we are now.
ZZ captured the impractical steering position of the traditional longboat perfectly.
Inside the cabin she pampers us with luxurious living quarters. A lot to see and to do in here.
Starting at the bow with a nice lookout anim.
You can let out your inner Hendrix with the animated stratocaster and “Along the Watchtower” sound. Very cool.
Hah! Sunbathing is possible, English weather or not. I decided to stay dressed tho.
Careful, Orca! Don’t dance too wildly! You may tipp over and splash into the Blake Sea. 😮
Tonight on the menu: Sushi! \o/ YAY! \o/
Om nom nom …
This longboat is even equipped for your most pressing needs. 🙂
And of course we can’t live without a comfy couch for lounging.

Since I’m single in SL and only got the PG version of the boat this is all I can show you. I guess the adult version for grown ups and couples will give you many more options and things to do. But even in this kiddie version ZZ’s longboat ain’t a slouch. Unlike its RL archetype at speed 5 it’s fast enough to get around SL’s waterways in a nice cruising speed. So you won’t look bad at the next LCC cruise.

ZZ’s Longboat comes highly recommended!


    • Yeah, they do. My only problem is that I’m in word much to seldom and don’t have the time to appreciate all their “offers”. That’s why I’m planning to do a great unpacking marathon story in the hopefully not too distant future.

      On the other hand, well … don’t I have 3 or 4 cobloggerines here on Thar She Blows? Oh, I know one of them is the always so curious Samlara Vintner. Heck woman, get your big girl panties on and give us an impression of some of ZZ/Saphy builds. Yes, let that be your next assignment.

      And now get to work!!!


  1. I was on a bit of a rampage building spree, building 2 different boats per week, now im just on the process of doing my own version of the paddle duck and hopeful ill end that fever. Yesterday on the Lcc cruise i found out tat i didn’t had the time to sail all the boats i did in 2 weeks much less all the ones i love to sail. Luckily many of them are exposed on wow’S marina, like 30 of them. Just remember, even if the sailing versions are per default to be sailed on bwind, the best sensations are achieved when one sails on wwc mode.
    And about the engine, i use the Burt Artis version of the b wind v1.1 as posted on the defunct Sailing forum for the sailing boats and his powered engine for the other ones.

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