Are We Really Such Meaniepoofaces???

Is it so fascinating top watch a trainwreck live and in slow motion? Here, look what Hamlet just reported on NWN:

… when there’s blood on the floor!

What do we learn from this newness?

  • When a SL business goes broke or is sued out of all its profit = time to invest in SL, there’s money to be made.
  • Why join SL for fun and creative freedom? Fuk dat shit! We’re only in it for da moolah!

It’s those goddamn fukn millenials, I tell ya! Uneducated, selfish, moneygrabbing brats with no social or political conscience.  And no ability to think any further than the tip of their own greedy nose. All up to watch how others fail and suffer. Trump/Hillary voters, human beings of the lowest value. Yeah, those. And SL will be full of them … I mean even more than it already is.

About Hamlet’s Correlation does not prove causation remark: I’m one of those using this argument. And we’re using it mostly correct. I know I am 100% spot on, can’t say about others tho. And particularly Hamlet seems indeed to often oversee this little fat and forgets about it in his reasonings. Here’s a little tidbit of causation for him: No smoke without a fire.


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