Working … For You!

My desktop like 30 seconds ago. Look how eager and busy me is:


In one window I’m making a bootable USB stick with the MX-16 ISO file on it. Thought it might be a good system to run on my older Lenovo, the so aptly named MiniMe, while on Qbittorrent I’m busy aquiring a recent revision of Solus, 2017.04.18. Clever Ikey has made a version featuring my favourite MATE desktop. Wanna give it another chance, on Gaga this time, so I’m giving Solus my second bestest computer. 🙂

If you read my “reviews” of Solus and Ikey’s appropriate answers (still can’t believe it, such a famous man … in Orcablog’s comment section!) you know that I had and still have great hopes and confidence in Solus as one of THE Linuxes of the future. And you know that I promised to follow Solus’ way into the upper echelons of Linux distros. Yeah, doing it right now, stalking the hell outta Solus. 😉 Creepy me.

And as you might have guessed already, I’m doing it all only for YOU!!! 🙂 And you’re so grateful for my hard work, sooooo …


But anyhoo, feeling much better today so I guess I can drive Oubaas to the mechanic and ask him for a steel saw, with which I can shorten the aluminium profiles and finally screw them onto the planks. Can hardly wait to load hubby into the van and go on a little safari. Maybe to China Town or some other mall. Maybe we will find something shiny and expensive for me … tee hee. Hmmm, probably not but at least we can stock up on coated peanuts and Aloe Vera juice and other bullshitz.

cya laterz xoxoxo


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