Hah! Did you know what as nifty little engineer your editrix is?



Me neither. But regarding the ramp situation I guess I’ve found a nice and cheap solution for our problem. Before you ask: the problem/situation would be to push hubby with his wheelchair into the van. So we won’t have a need to get him out of the chair, into a car seat … and vice versa once we return home. But do everything in one go, which would be nice and powersaving for me. Actually it’s the main reason for why we’ve purchased Oubaas in the first place.

Only one problem, being a Ford Transit, as Oubaas fortunately is, everything is a tiny bit biggerer and fatterer than in your run of the mill VW van. Particularly the floor height is considerably higher, too high actually for me to just pull hubby and chair up by myself. You got any idea about hubby’s body weight? He’s, uh … not a lightweight, I can tell you that much.

Always pro quick, easy and dirty solutions: Orca the engineering girl genius. =^.^=

So we had the idea of building a ramp. And this is how far we’ve come before I succumbed to the flu. Today I’m actually feeling a bit better, even got a bit of air … through the nose of all places! Must be on the mending side of the flu. But anyway …

When girls go shopping … Yeah, I know. I’d love to get some fancy dresses or shoes or something adorable instead but now we’re on Project Oubaas and there’s no time, or money, for prettyness.

eng4Two pieces of 144 x 1600 pine planks and two aluminium profiles 32 x 32 plus 4 small castors. The leftover wood pieces are going at the end of the planks as a stop for the wheelchair. The castors would allow me to push hubby into the loading area, attached to the ramp, and still provide a *kinda platform to fix his chair into place, so it doesn’t slide thru the whole van or keels over. The profiles are an easy safety precaution to prevent the wheelchair from driving off the rails.

So far the theory … now we only gotta build it, make some sort of connecting pieces and handles for me to push the chair and construction onto the loading area. And hope my plan wasn’t too brainfartish to function. :/

A rough mock-up of the ramp. Genius, right? LOL 🙂 A triumph of engineering and girlpower! Now imagine some crossbars between the single rails, handgrips for me to pull it all up and castors to move the whole *thing incl. wheelchair/hubby into the cavernous opening. (Where are the extra headlights? Getting replaced with better ones we took off the Chevy)

But first I gotta talk to our handy neighbour and borrow his jigsaw (or *whatever ppl are using to saw metals) and milk his brain about our plan. The first ever disabled transport on racing tyres! \o/ YAY! \o/

  • kinda = something like it but not exactly fitting the used term, female engineering 101
  • thing = the technically correct term for female engineers to describe stuffz that are usually out of their realm. See also Whatever.
  • whatever = when a German female engineer knows what she wants to achieve but lacks the English terminology to decribe the needed tools. Oh, btw, I have no idea what that tool’s name is in German neither. Or if there is even such a tool in existence. :/



    • A stichsäge is a jigsaw and from what I know is mainly used for wood. Well, aynway, when I visited my mechanic today and asked he didn’t have any blades for sawing metal. 😦 But what he had was a kinda cutting-off machine, which he used to do the job in a matter of seconds. 🙂 Sooo kewl, will build my abomination tomorrrow. Today I have a lot of washing to do and the dishes and making the beds and blogging and dinner and and and …


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