World Sailing Show AC Special

Oh shit, I hatehatehate the America’s Cup; always did, always will. This “sport” is so far removed from the real reality of sailing it bears no resemblence. It’s nothing but a duel of a handful multimillionaires and their grandiose egos. It’s boring.

But since I’m a faithful reporter of everything that happens in the international sailing circus, here’s the link to the World Sailing Show’s report about this year’s cup.

And now I don’t wanna hear a single word about this thing anymore. Capisce?



  1. so long as Sir ben does well who cares
    and it’s not he auld mug race it should be, as it’s the oldest international sport competition in the world but money grabbing toss wits screwed up the spirit totally shame BUT come on Sir Ben xx
    roll on jump next for the finals it’s the closest to SL racing there is
    as Hawk will attest if he’s still around xxx

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    • “it’s the closest to SL racing there is”
      How so? Match racing needs a modicum of planning and commitment by the racers, so it was bound to fail spectacularly in SL … which it did! Nobody in SL can muster the needed discipline to sail according to a tight time schedule.


    • Kill that spill chicken. Sammie, really now, fer realz, get a new betterer computer and use that. Cellphones aren’t the right tool for the SL job. BTW, how is your assignment coming along?


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