Out Sick Today?


Seems I caught a cold … or the influenza or somesuch sickness. That means I should be in bed and sleeping it off, sleeping myself healthy. Right?


Ya, sorry can’t do. I’m too busy with sneezing, sobbing, coughing and getting shaken by sneezes. Tell me how one should find sleep under those conditions.


So that’s why, after having rolled around in the bed for hours I’ll find myself sitting in front of my computer, typing shit … at 3 A.M. 😮 And it looks to be a busy day today. No time to be in a lazy hazy state of sickness when there is soooo much to blog about.



For example that Ariana Grande thing. If I had a mean bone in my body I’d say those fans of the extra shitty brand of ultra crappy poppy wannabe “music”, those haters of music got what they deserved. But I’m not mean so I take the second possible way of reporting about the bomb attack in England: I ignore it! Just don’t write a single line about the bombing. I guess the more stuff is written on the internet the more of a stage we give to them terrorists, the more we lift them up and show them what a great impact their shit has on us. And that’s not what we want or is it?


Ok, back to me and my much more important and immediate problem, the fukn flu. It got me bad. 😦 And I honestly don’t know what to do anymore. I can try to live thru it and just continue blogging like on a very busy blog day. Yeah, I got enough time for that since I’m not leaving the house today. Was originally planning to work a bit on Oubaas but not feeling well enough for physical work. So expect some more really crappy blogstories today … or none should I finally find some sleep.


    • Luna, thx for the warning about my impending death. Buuuut, didn’t feel well enough to leave the house and drive the 2 minutes to the closest pharmacy to get the coughy syrup. But I found a rather huge stash of famous german Tempo brand tissues in a bathroom drawer to help me get rid of all the snot.
      All in all not feeling better today but at least it didn’t become worse. I guess one more day of this and then I should be on the up again. It’s what experience has teached me. Flu/cold comes 3 days, stays 3 days and goes 3 days. So in about 2 days I should be back in my bikini and driving Oubaas to the beach. =^.^=

      Sooo sexy LOL


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