Starting Work on Oubaas

While we vacationed in Germany we had our mechanic do some small stuffz like engine checks and well, the things mechanics do. Also we asked him to take out all the seats in the loading bay.

Getting rid of the second and third rows of seats really opened up the space. Now we can turn the van into a small camper. But first it needs a thorough cleaning!
The view into the cockpit reveals the fancy automatic gearshifter. Sadly its position is rather unfortunate as I wanna have either a companionway or storage space for the cooler box there. Will ask the mechanic to either put the shifter onto the instrument panel or the steering column. Will also try to replace the broken windows mechanism with electric window cranks. And of course build some cup holders and cubby boards onto the engine cover.
Nice small lounging/living space. Thx to South Africa’s very evenly distributed climate we won’t need to do much in terms of insulation n stuff but can start building the bed immediately. But first we gotta build a kinda ramp to get the wheelchair into the vehicle and secure it in place for driving.

Yeah, this looks like a big project for a little woman and a useless hubby but we will get there. Slowly, piece by piece, we’ll get all the shit sorted out and build our personal safari vehicle, office and Linux promo mobile. =^.^=



  1. I knew couple that kinda did what you plan to do with ramps and used a cheap 12 volt winch moter to pul, a wheel chair inside as far as i remember it worked but it was a long time ago bon chance Orksy hihi

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    • Heh, I’m a sexy young woman, perfectly fit n stuff. I won’t need an electric motor, just a ramp that won’t slip off the loading edge. Much too impatient to fiddle around for minutes with all that electro stuff. I’m getting close to a heart attck every time when I see the airport handlers wasting so much time with all the impractical shit.
      Low tech’s the way to go for us. Also don’t wanna end up in the middle of the Namib with a drained battery. 😮


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