Is MATErevenge Still The Shit?

Remember how the MATErevenge installation  totally changed my fuked up Acer netbook and turned it into a useful computer? How astonished I was about how big the difference in look and feel … and speed was? Yeah, it’s really absurd the diff between a Ubuntu-based distro such as Mint and an Arch-based distro like MATErevenge.

MateRevenge seems to be on the Unstable repository. We receive multiple updates every day.  I love it, most other users might be put off by it.

Now please don’t get me wrong. I’ve never seen such a significant change in behaviour and speed on any of my desktop computers, so It must be OrcNet’s peculiar, and not very recommendable, hardware that allows for such drastic changes. Anyway now, after having OrcNet used off and on since almost a week, how do I think about MATErevenge? Is it still The Shit or is it just shit?

The developer, Jody James, made a Google+ group for MateRevenge. Which could be a nice source for the latest newnesses and infos … if Orca would care about stuff like that. 🙂

Generally I’m still madly in love with MATErevenge but there are some small things that keep me from using it as the daily rider on my production machine. In particular its unnerving attitude towards wallpapers. It never keeps to the one I changed to but always falls back to the standard background. And then there’s MR’s refusal to memorize its system time. As I said that’s small stuff but for an OCD person like me it’s a dealbreaker. And who knows how many more nitpicks I’m gonna find in the next couple days, right?

Workflow and speed is almost on par with my desktop PCs … well, almost. 🙂

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