We Love Canada! xoxoxox

… but not necessarily all Canadians. 😦

Obviously immigration didn’t pay attention and let a certain unlikable character slip through the main gate and into the country. 😮


I hope you’re not interested in obtaining a Justin Bieber concert ticket coz I closed the ad as soon as I snapped the pic. And I refuse to give you the seller’s contact number, in order to protect her dignity. LOL

Over 90 Ameridollars!!! For a fukn Bieber tic! And not even in Bellville Velodrome but open air in the fukn arena! Now, in winter. With a chance of monsoonlike rain. Which, coming to think of it, would be much more welcome than this so-called pop star. Our garden’s would need the water rather urgently while our ears would only have an allergic reaction to Bieber.


/me sighs

Some people’s kidz … :/


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