This Is Enlightening

Snowden has an opinion!

Yes, Edward Snowden himself praises Linux and other open source projects in this interesting article on ZDNet. Ugh, many passages are wayyyy over my pretty head but altogether you’ll feel like you’re in good hands after reading through it. I guess, and this is no joke, if you’re like completely clueless (which means even more clueless than stupid Orca) you should trust Edward and Orca and finally install Linux. Goddammit, it’s not complicated, it’s not hard, it’s not illegal. Because this simple switch of OS will make you 90% more secure at once! And once you’ve got Linux on board it’s easy and fast to make your system nuclear bomb proof. I guess even those stinkers of the fukn NSA won’t stand a chance to break into your computer.

Anyhoo, for now just read the fukn article and then, when you got like 10 minutes, finally install Linux!!!

Oh, you still don’t know what Linux you must install? The one that suits you best. I can’t make any official or generally valid recommendations but I’d download Linux Mint 18.1 with its standard Cinnamon desktop, install it and be happy. But that’s just me.


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