Black Hole Sun


Chris Cornell, legendary singer of Soundgarden, later of Audioslave and kinda like The Voice of Grunge … and like my personal favourite rock singer is dead. 52 years old, suicide, kinda RnR death and … yeah, it’s sad, I am sad.


Even if he didn’t play a big part in my musical life anymore I always had a soft spot for Chris is my heart. The so-called supergroup Audioslave (consisting of RAtM musicians and Chris’s vocals) was good but never grabbed me in the way like Soundgarden did in 91 during Grunge’s heyday. Nirvana were more famous, Alice in Chains were more scandalous, Pearl Jam were more arena rock teenie-poppy but Soundgarden were just betterer.

Soundgarden, Chris Cornell

When CC sang the James Bond song for Casino Royale he wasn’t in my playlist or anywhere important anymore and not part of my personal musical cosmos. His latest records I ignored totally.

Chris Cornell

Still there was a time, a short time in the early 90s when Chris Cornell was the embodiment of grunge. Let’s remember him for these times because that was when he and the whole grunge genre were at their best and Chris was Seattle’s posterchild. And when Chris showed more talent and creative energy than über-icon Kurt Cobain could ever muster … but was ultimately doomed to fail.

RIP Chris Cornell. You’ll be missed.


Ok, let’s watch some videos …

And Chris’ last concert with the re-united Soundgarden, just a couple hours before his final exit …

Oh, of course after this Soundgarden overkill we mustn’t forget Audioslave, who had some very decent songs …

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