\o/ Hoohoo! \o/

Guess who’s back home  again. It’s 23:55 P.M. and we’ve already did some nightly grocery shopping, tucked hubby in, got MiniMax out of his secret hideyhole in the laundry basket, connected to the router and sending off the first post from my home office.



Yeah, it was indeed exactly as hubby had prophesized before our depature: Before we really get the idea of being in Germany we’ll already be back at the Cape. And it is exactly like that. Not even 20 hours ago we were sitting in our buddy’s basement, drinking beer and watching his band’s rehearsal … and now we’re already back home … on the friggin other side of the world. Not easy to wrap our heads around it. =^.^=

Anyhoo, it’s very good to be back home for another year of lazying around and blogging and … no stress!

\o/ Wavywavey 😉 \o/



    • Indeed no time change at all since Germany is on “summertime” right now. In their winter they are falling one hour back behind SA.


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