Our time in Germany is almost over now. We did everything we wanted to do, so today’s the great day of moving from our super cheapo hotel to one – not necesarily better but directly at the airport – for the last night before our flight out to Amsterdam and Cape Town early early super early tomorrow morning. Jeeze, so much shit to pack and organize now …


Unbelievable how our super lightweight and strictly organized minimalistic travel wardrobe could turn out to end up as such an unholy mess. 😮 But it is as it is, and I’m quite sure that I can – given enough time – compress it into its nice compact travel size again. See the small daypack on hubby’s wheelchair’s backrest? I guess we’ll make use of it for our baggage as well.

Anyhoo, our business is concluded here and all we gotta do is meeting up with my bro-in-law today and maybe with one of hubby’s old drinking buddies later tonight to watch his weekly band rehearsal. And then, at like 4:30 A.M. we gotta catch the last night bus to the airport. Fun times.

But first: The Move! 😦



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