Of Course …

… Firestorm Viewer or LL’s gotta nag. They don’t like OrcNet, thinking it’s a fukn shame that a wonderful pretty thing like Orcsibaby has to play on such a bad machine.


“Just so you know” … I know that myself. But guess what fuckers, this stinkin Acer is all I got right now. I can live with it, coz me gotz the power of Linux. And so should you. And what do you mean with “may” not meet minimal requirements? You’re sniffing out my hardware, can I at least please get a decisive warning that my Acer weakling definately doesn’t meet the hardware requirements?Or does your fukn fake politeness stop you from giving out any useful info? So stop nagging and log me in! Me’s not gonna sailing on this komputer, neither have I registered for any car races or shit. And even if, what fukin concern is it of yous? When I crash and burn I won’t take the grid down with me. So again, fuk off!

/me mumbles something about “useless ‘merkans” in her imaginary beard, shakes her pretty head and buggers off.


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