MATErevenge Saved Orca’s Sanity

From worst laptop in the world to quite nifty machine in a matter of 10 minutes? Yes, it’s possible with ArchLinux, particularly the MATErevenge distro. It’s really some of the best computing experience I ever had. And a special cherry on top are the Singularity and Firestorm viewers available from the Arch User Repository, AUR. Of course Orca’s problem with Singularity on Arch installs prevails but installing Firestorm remedied the situation. Looksie, I was able to save a snapshot on hard drive:


By the way, here I am at the FreeState Marina LCC outpost right now. Never heard of it before and found it incidentally on the worldmap. 🙂 Looks like a very cozy place.



  1. OK Orcs here is a challenge getting linux onto Mac isn’t easy i need an understanding of code that quite frankly I DONT have and a simple syntax mistake can be very destructive, so i’m told SO.. do you know any Linux that has a Mac installer from the start?? if you investigate it’s not as simple as we would like to think…
    If any Orcablog readers know please put in your 2pennyworth Thanks

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    • Huh? What’s the problem installing Linux on a Mac? Just purge the hard drive and install … I guess. You know that since many years Macs are normie PCs just like all the others.
      Or do you wanna dualboot Linux and MacOS? That’s probably complicated. No idea. 😦


    • Tee hee, here’s the solution.You said it yourself: Cheap Windows laptop.
      Get one! The cheapest peace of plastic crap available (i.e. Acer) will do fine. Get it from eBay or your local thriftshop or whatever. Whatever shit you get, it will only get better with Linux on it!


    • Whoa, those machines aren’t like cheap in the usual sense of cheap but they are asking quite steep prices for them. But at least they are all respectable manaufacturers and I guess and hope they come tested and refurbished. If yes, and if the dealer is honest, then they are totally a good source for computer shopping. Now they are a NL local dealer but I guess Sammie will find similar in Frenchieland or in her native Engeland. Heck, even Orca found a reasonable 2nd hand computer store in the poor developing country of South Africa. Guess where I got Gaga from? They also had a full shelf of laptops when I was there.

      Anyhoo, not wanting to sound pushy and not wanna force anyone off their chosen operating system … but hey, wait, did you indeed choose Windows? Was it a conscious decision to install Windows on your computer, and why did you do it? Because it was already there, right? Sitting nice and fat like a blob already on your machine when you bought it. That is not good enough, people! Now is the time to switch over to Linux and do so on its own dedicated machinery. So you’ll always have your Windows machine available for when you run into trouble with Linux … and believe me, you will run into trubbelz! So you can fire up your old Winmachine and cry for help.

      More on that topic soon. I guess I need to fire off another Linux promotion the next days. 🙂 But first getting packed, moving to the hotel at the airport for the last night and getting ready for the first flight out tomorrow morning.


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