OrcNet is a Rotten Traitor! :(

Just thought it might be beneficial to log into SL and, if not being able to play and explore much, at least dispose of roundabout 12,000 group notices piling up since my last visit. So after a couple tries and redownloads and reinstalls and multiple crashes I managed indeed to log in world and start my housecleaning routine … so far so good. Then started setting the Singu viewer up for my liking: Lowest graphics, lowlow bandwith and so forth and … crashed again. 😮

There it is: The cute but ultimately miserable traitor on Orcsi’s attempts to keep a blogging routine up and running. And that on our “day off”. Fukn piece of plastic garbage. Baaah, the world is a bad place. 😦

Remember the last couple years I was able to stay inworld for extended times? Not on great graphics and rather laggy and LL freaking out over OrcNet’s sub par hardware specs … but it kinda worked.

Not anymore in 2017, it doesn’t appear.

Orca Flotta during her 30 seconds shortened stay in Second Life. 😦

All I managed to do was this one stubborn snapshot. A kinda ORCA WUZ HERE! prove of life before the next crash. Did OrcNet’s hardware deteriorate so badly in the last 360 days? I had real problems installing the easypeasy Linux Mint 18.1, and the super easy Singularity Alpha viewer also only started after a second install. Only to crash the system after a minute in world. 😦 Seems as if I’d really need a tiny bit more potent travel laptop for next year’s overseas trip. And it would be nice it that one wouldn’t lose the [AltGr] key every 2 minutes neither. So, to make it clear again once more: Not an Acer!

And Sammie, before you get any silly ideas: No, I don’t think I’d even get this far if I had Windows installed on OrcNet. Windows in itself uses so many resources, it would crash my little bad netbook immediately after install! 😦


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