Lost Patience and Last Nerve

Everybody knows I’m in short supply of both, so logically it was just a question of time until I started to delete and reinstall my whole system. In the middle of a short and hectic “business” trip no less. Of course, everybody (really everybody) else would’ve decided to adjust to the situation and live with that unreliable netbook a few days longer and install something new/better in the comforts of their own home.

Not so Orca!

Backupped my little data of the last couple days, deleted and purged the whole hard drive of OrcNet and reinstalled Jodie’s latest love child, MATErevenge. Yes, exactly, it’s the same guy who brought us OBRevenge, a very very promising distro, which only fell flat with me coz of the stupidly uncomfy and primitive Open Box desktop environment. Well, Jodie’s quite a clever guy so it was clear that sooner or later he would find out about the niftyness of MATE.

Screenshot at 2017-05-15 12-05-01
Freshly installed MATErevenge after 5 minutes in …

And so he did. And so he made a new Revenge distro with MATE DE. And it’s super. Could easily become my favourite distro, even on MiniMax! My main computer! My production system! Yes, it seems to be that great. But of course I’ve gotta test much more than the half hour I’m on MATErevenge now. Anyhoo, it feels great and is much faster than stupid Mint 18.1. Also despite Revenge distros being based on ArchLinux, Jodie made it kinda easy to install, and MATE makes it easy to operate. Add to that some tricks for an easy adjustment and we have an almost n00b friendly distro here.

Screenshot at 2017-05-15 12-23-06
… and after 15 minutes. Orca in update and tweak ragemode.

ALMOST was the buzzword here. I shall still not recommend MATErevenge outright for use for everybody. In so far I keep my reservations from the last writeup of just two weeks ago.

Screenshot at 2017-05-15 14-06-23
With the software installation tool you create a taylor-made personal workspace just for yourself. So the very very lightweight and fast base system will only have the handful of your favourite software apps added. Cool idea by Jodie.

Meanwhile Orca enjoys a truly great computing experience. No comparison to the lame-ass Mint 18 of just an hour ago. The whole system feels fresh and funky, nimble, fast and secure. Super.


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