Sony Sound

Remember the pretty average Sennheiser cans we bought on our German vacation like two years ago? Yeah, of course I had to take ’em with me this year as well. Nothing special. But then Orca’s bladder came into play, so she got up from her stupidly tight airplane seat and knocked the Senns out of the entertainment system’s socket. 😮 Hey, no,  I don’t have a FAT ASS! The seating arrangement of Boeing’s new Dreamliner jet is indeed so badly layed out, accidents are hardly avoidable.

So anyways, I not only knocked the Senns out of their socket, I destroyed them by bending the jacks so badly out of shape, they refuse to give me any sound now. 😦 So yesterday I didn’t just got the Gorilla Pod but also purchased a new set of headphones. This time it’s Sony MDR-ZX310.


Hm, yes, they look and feel much better than the Senns. They’re much more comfy to wear, even for extended times and they are only half the price of their German competitors. But all that is not important, only thing of interest for us is the sound quality, right. And in that regard I gotta admit they are doing well. Not as analytically neutral as the Senns but more lively, hands on and “nicer” balanced. A good buy I guess.

Not my first Sony. =^.^=

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