My Very Own Personal Gorilla

Pod that is. 😉


When the Joby company came about with their new invention, the Gorilla Pod, they not only revolutionized the tripod market but also the way we view and use tripods. Selfies, videos, particularly YouTube vlogs, changed forever due to Gorilla Pod’s philosophy to replace the usually rigid legs of a tripod with legs that consisted of nothing but flexibe joints. Want to shoot a photo out of a tree?  No problem, your Gorilla pod will grip to any branch and twig. Video out of a driving car? Gorilla Pod will steady your camera at the driver’s seat’s backrest or door handle or anywhere else.

My nonaC camera made a selfie by utilizing a mirror, a chair and the Gorilla principle.

Now of course it didn’t take long for the market to be flooded by cheapo Chinese knock-off products. And, yes, just yesterday I purchased such a knock-off. It was an offer I coudn’t refuse. 😉 Now little RL Orca has 4 tripods in her possession but none are as funky as her fake Gorilla Pod.


Of course the original Joby products are even more adorable as they have now more than just the one original product available but even more specialised Gorillas.


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