We all have heard about it in the news and read about it in the papers, on the internetz and everywhere: This ransomware attack. Seems it’s even a homegrown selfmade virus thingie, developed and deployed discovered by our fascist friends of the NSA. Anyhoo, we clever tech savvy girls of Second Life know how to stay save in times of global crisis:


It’s not my intent to sound smug but really, a simple install of a simple Linux distro makes you forget all that unsavoury stuff. Come on guys, don’t end up like 99 countries, don’t end up like the British NHS, like banks and gov’ments and international organisations. Be clever, use Linux!


    • Sammie is a good girl, uses Mac and is save from harm. Well done you!

      I didn’t wanna go into the depth of the political scandal with NSA n shit but now that you’ve mentioned it I guess it’s save to say I’m unbelievably sad and … FUKN ANGRY!!! More at my fatherland of Germany than about the USA. American agencies and politicians are like spoiled little brats; they want everything, always the best deals, total control, shit on anybody else, power, information. “Intelligence” they call it rather unintelligently. But we all know it and we let it slip, as we know it’s impossible to change them.

      Only one way to react: Cut all diplomatic connections, sanction the USA, boycot them, leave their bully instrument NATO, kick their diplomats out of our countries.

      I’m angry at Merkel and the other Eurocrats for not doing anything.


  1. yes DB was very badly hit VW as well it was global but i applaud the NHS in England for coming clean and going public about it well done England


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