Ready to Go!

Okayyyyy, Orca n hubby showered and dressed, got our shit together, going minimalistic this year:


One week, two peepels, one not even overfilled carry-on pack and a little purse for immediate travel stuffz.  That’s all, folks. Next message maybe from Amsterdam or from the hotel in Hamburg. Now all we gotta do is waiting for the taxi …


CYA laterz




PS: talkin’ ’bout ready to go …



    • Thx Lucy, we arrived sound a secure and hubby is snoring loudly in the bed, so I awoke and check the blog nownow. Seems spring started just today in northern Europe with a nice heatwave.


  1. I’m terrible at packing, and because I’m allowed to check one bag free, I always take too much. When you get back, would you pleeze share your packing list and tell what items you wish you had brought, but didn’t?

    Thanks, and safe travels! 😀

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    • Luna, it’s actually pretty simple: Most stuff you think you might use … you don’t ever need it. And the heap of stuff you actually might use … reduce it by 50%. Voila, ready to go. For example bathroom stuff. In these times of travel restrictions and shit, the only thing we took with us was our electrical toothbrush. Shampoo and toothpaste we bought locally for cheap and will also disperse here. So all we have is three or four tops, one trousers and one pair of lightweight sandals for each. Buying new expedition style cargo pants is on our shopping list, so we brought a second lightweight daypack to store stuff we didn’t bring with us on the way in. Packing list would look decidedly different if we had another travel itinerary and a wedding or funeral was in our plans. As it is now we only packed for a good week of “summer in the city” activities.
      Rule of thumb for all travellers: Pack multifunctional items and follow only one colour scheme. Stuff you can combine each day a bit differently so nobody will notice you’re basically wearing the same stuff from the day before. Good items to vary your wardrobe and make it multifunctional are cardigans, scarfs and leggings. All stuff that weighs not much and takes hardly any space.
      Also jewellery: I brought one pair of creoles … that’s it.


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