Hi Kidz! :)

Remember the Pink Glitter Unicorn chocolate that caused a cuteness rage in Germany some time ago? Yeah, truly impossible to forget. And now they’re on it again. Apparently the Unicorn wave is still rolling through Deutschland. Only this time it’s Einhorn Wurst causing the mass hysteria!!!

Sausage Hysteria in Germany!

Eeeks, that stuff already looks so artificially pinkish, me wouldn’t wanna eat that. Also, since they are targeting a very young group of uncritical consumers I need to ask in all earnesty: Are they really trying to sell unicorn sausage to unsuspecting younglings? Do they cold heartedly butcher magical unicorns? 😮

Unicorn Sausage???

I bet nobody’s telling them stupid kiddies what they are eating there.

That’s so typical for them fukn German capitalists, mindlessly butchering the last of the surviving unicorns … for profit. 😦


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