The One Time …

TrumpWatch… Amnesty International didn’t go on my nerves with their heavily biased SJW shit but fighting the real good fight, I guess I can’t even participate. Because me no Americano, comprende? But you, all my USAmerican readers should “Take Action” as the Amnesty people make it sound so dramatically. It’s just a mouseclick I guess. But anyway, Take Action now! (by following the link). Don’t let your great country be ruled by the whims of an enemy of the people!

Or don’t do anything. Pff, do I look like I care? I mean it’s your fukn land, not mine. I have no say in your internal politics. Go on, erase Iran and North Korea off the atlas, sacrifice your most stupid younglings on the altar of most profitable sacred warfair, create huge profits for your corporate overlords, be complacent, feel good, be invincible once again.

Just do me one favour: Don’t let anyone trick you!

Sorry for the messed up layout, I copypasted the email by Amnesty International into this blog in its entirety … and it obviously didn’t like that.

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