Fortunate Germans!

We never had to bother with a stupid wannabe academic sorry effort like the infamous botch Elements of Style by Strunk and White. The first time I’ve heard about this book was in an American motorcycle forum where one of the forumists loudly declared that Strunk and White can go and fuck themselves. I found his statement and the following thread rather intriguing.

Write gooder hints and tips for amateurs.



And none of those thousands of high school and college professors did manage to come up with a new standard that reflects an evolving, always changing language and its literary usage as it presents itself today? I guess it would be badly needed. Because, and please excuse me for meddling in a language I hardly understand, English literature style has changed quite significantly in the last 50 years, didn’t it?

Anyhoo, please read the story on Boing Boing and let me know what you think about the 50th anniversary of TEoS?



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