5 Reasons Why Tom Uses Mint/Cinnamon

Huh? Who?

Doesn’t really matter. I consider Tom of the Switched to Linux YT channel as a real expert when it comes to softwares, particularly Linux based systems. So we all better listen to him when he tells us why tf he uses something beginner-friendly and Windows-ish like the Cinnamon desktop environment on two of his hardworking work computers. Well, that and there’s actually a cat in his video!

“Hello everybody, use Linux Mint with Cinnamon. It rocks!”

Wait a sec, didn’t Orca recommend Cinnamon too? Hmmmm … oh, yes, found it here. Yes, she did, and for similar reasons. Even tho it was installed on Manjaro Linux, Cinnamon is Cinnamon, looks n feels pretty much the same, no matter on what base it’s installed on. I writered …

I regard Cinnamon one of the easy, yet nicely customizable, desktop environments. Base that on the  fantastic Manjaro foundation and you have the perfect system for when you hail from Windows and want to create a painless transition.

And I guess I particularly recommended Cinnamon with Mint as well, in another blogstory. Even using it right now on my silly travelling netbook for our short trip to Germany. For other reasons but still, I’m using it! I choose it. I installed it. Because it’s good and just, Because it gives us the satisfying feeling of working not on an improvised construction site but on a well-rounded professional system. Something you can count on to work and work and work and not quit on you. Especially the combo of Mint+Cinnamon is very appealing since the Mint team developed Cinnamon as their main distribution. It’s their very own homegrown dektop environment and fits like the proverbial ass on the potty. Not MATE, not KDE, not Gnome 3 or any other shit but Cinnamon. They made it as they liked it, they made it so it works for humans, for clueless housewifes who don’t know anything about computers but Microsoft Windows. It just works for all of us.

In another story I wrote:

Congratz for Clem and his team for coming up with this desktop environment. As with all their other small touches n menus n stuffz they are so good in feeling out what the users want and need. The operation is more logical and easy than in Xfce, and even comparable to MATE. Cinnamon makes a girl feel all warm and fuzzy inside and is as easy to grasp and feel at home in right away.

Highly recommend trying Cinnamon if you’re looking for a traditional desktop experience as you know it from Windblows … and if your PC ain’t a slouch. :/

That’s true. But also I found Cinnamon to be …

Fully furnished with central heating, home entertainment system, microwave, sex bed and a fridge full with beer milk n brownies. 😉

That’s some reassuring shit to know and can’t be underestimated. And that’s why I told you repeatedly how much I love Cinnamon and recommend it for all of you Linux n00bies and beginners. And here comes my new hero, Tom and gives us his expert opionion. When you don’t trust in Orcsi’s fangirling, put your trust in this guy. He knows what tf he’s talking about:

And that, right there in the pic, his reason #3 is, although subjective, nevertheless one of the most important reasons anybody should use a certain operating system: It feels complete! It follows the same user doctrine we all know since 1,000 years of trained Windows muscle memory and carpal tunnel syndrome. Yes, all the same. 😉 And it comes with just the right amount of preinstalled applications so you can get on doing your awesome stuff right after installation. Unlike Windows where you first have to find all your wanted softwares somewhere on the internet … and then install them on your system, it’s all there and ready, waiting for you. And Cinnamon does this maybe a little tad better than all the other desktops. It’s well rounded, warm and cushy, with just the right amount of stuffz. Only thing missing is an easy way to install your SL viewer, but let’s talk about that later, once you’ve got the Minty goodness with Cinnamon flavour running on your system. The trick for housewifes is pretty easy: Don’t install it. It’ll run just as it is and as you downed it from the viewer’s site. But as I said, we deal with that later.

For now just don’t forget to clicker on Tom’s video!

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