As you know one can’t ever have enough storage. Not on your computer nor elsewhere. And today I wanna show you the second option, the elsewhere storage solution. This time for our camper van to be, Oubaas, the old Ford Tranny.

Bought these three 25 liter storage boxes from probably the worst plastics manufacturer “Pride” for the pretty irresistible price of kinda not even 7 €uros. That makes 2.something € per box. What a find! They will fit snuggly under our selfmade bunk and protect our belongings from the African dust n shit. I guess we’ll use two for our clothes and one for canned foodstuffs. Add to that a coolerbox for fresh produce and drinkies and we’re set. And, well, they are sooo fukn cheap I guess we’ll need to get one more 3-pack.

Safari vehicle of the future. 🙂

That’s modern vanning for you. No heavyweight wooden cupboards and shit like in your granny’s caravan but all around removable, multitaskable, lightweight and dustproof furniture to store our most priced possessions. A camper van is a utility vehicle, not a beauty queen. A 40 years old converted panel van even less so.


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