Moar Grrlpower!

Saudi sisters have won their fight against the patriarchy!

Those punk bishies showing their NAKED HANDS in public! 😮 O tempora o mores. 😦

The new changes mean women could, in some circumstances, study and access hospital treatment …

“… in some circumstances …” Where is this madness supposed to end? Next thing you know are Saudi sluts making a fuss about getting occasionally raped and consequently being honour killed. Shit. Don’t they know absolutely no bounds?

And Saudi Arabia is our ally, isn’t it? In our fight against the backwards, radical muslim, industrially advanced … and oil rich Iran.

But as a woman I’d be chosing the Iran over Saudi Arabia anytime. So I’m not permitted to enter the football stadium during male league games? Aaaaw, the Iranian football league is something to be proud of, world class, LOL. And btw, males aren’t permitted to enter the stadium while female teams are playing neither, just fyi.

Wimmin football in Iran


Does Saudi Arabia also have women’s football teams? Any female athletes at all?

One thing is for sure tho: I don’t wanna be caught dead in any middle eastern country. Not as long as the USA is running amok thereabouts and not as long as nazi Israel exists and not as long as ISIS and Al Nusra and Al Qaida and … fuk, I just don’t wanna live there … for good!



  1. not quite sure the israelis are supporters of that perticular regime and party??? probably quite the opposite and the families of over 6 million would probably agree wholeheartedly xx

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    • Which one, Sammie, Iran or Saudi? Probably both since they both have no love for Israel neither. I guess Iran is stronger but Saudi is more radical, so in Israel’s position I’d try to behave a bit better in the future. And don’t get me wrong, I hate Israel but I’m not an anti-semite! Quite the contrary, I am one of the families of the 6 million. But they were killed by German nazis, not by Palestinians who were just forced by the British to give up their land for some European newcomers.


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