Autumn at the Cape

… of Good Hope in case you didn’t know. Looks a bit like so:


Yesterday between Blaauwberg and Melkbosstrand on the northern end of Table Bay. I drove Oubaas down to the beach to wave at Lucy on the other side of that Atlantic puddle. Typical autumn weather, a bit foggy and cloudy but so bright you have to wear goggles. And warm enough for shorts, crop tops and flipflops. Don’t you hate that shabby fall weather? We’re really looking forward to the nice springtime climate of north Germany. 😦



  1. my memory of spring in Hamburg was icy cold winds straight off the Elbe and snow but it was early april xxx breakfast in the fish market was just the best xx

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    • Hubby and me are now much too old to be awake and hungry for fish at 4 a.m. Yes, in the good old days, like 30 years ago, we did such stuff from time to time, with guests from out of town. Fish Market is always nice … kinda. Particularly when you’re going there directly from a party, totally drunk in the beginning stages of a hangover. But now that we are out-of-towners ourselves we don’t do such shit anymore. Enough kiosks in Hamburg to get Matjes rolls pretty much around the clock. Do I really need to mention that we’re looking forward to that aspect of our little trip?


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