The Typical Orcablog Reader …

… be like:


Aren’t we all a happy little family on this here bloggsy?

I’ve gotta thank my clever and thoughtful husbando for sending me this photo. What a lovely little fucker that guy is. 🙂

Oh oh oh, btw, I almost forgot to mention that right now I’m getting at least one email by WordPress every day, that people totally unbeknownst to me are now following my blog. Whoa! I guess I gotta say Thank You, strangers. No idea where all these people come from and if they are SL residents or Linux freaks, and it totally doesn’t matter since they’re in for a mild disappointment in both cases.

Well, everybody should stalk follow me anyways and make their blogreading life more comfy. I dunno exactly where, since my interface looks slightly different from yours, but somewhere on this page you should find a simple [Follow] button on which you can klicker and through the wonders of the internetz you’ll be assimilated into the ranks of mindless Thar She Blows! drones. Kool, eh?

Here, looks somehow like this …


… which I photographed right now from Ucello Poultry’s blog, which indicates I’m already a dedicated Follower of. Girls, you know Orca loves to make her life as easy as possible since she’s so lazy, and in the case of WordPress blogs I see no evil in subscribing. I don’t think Auttomatic (the WordPress owners) are spying on blog readers. Maybe the always enlightened Maiti knows better (I’m sure she does) and can give us the hard true real facts about Automattic’s spying habits (she wants me to host this blog on a different server anyway). And it’s really so comfy. No need to browse through all my SL blogs every day since I get emails whenever one of my fave bloggeristas lets one rip. Super!

So, I guess what this post has turned into now is nothing but the old “Like, Subscribe and Follow me!” like all ’em YouTubers do so convincingly. And of course send me all your moneys, sweet little Orcsi needs them. No shit, since a year or so I’m paying for this blog since I used up too much space for photos. And maybe I’ll pay even more in the phuture … for a custom theme or sumfink.


BTW, guess I’m addicted to YouTube now. 😮 What started so harmlessly by watching and subscribing to some Linux and computer hardware channels has now turned into one of my usual obsessions and I have subscribed to more than 100 channels by now. And the numbers are growing. Sailing channels, Camper Van channels, of course Russia Today and some other alternative political channels and Anime channels and Movie channels and analytical intellekshual channels and little things and stuffz and oooooh …

That graphix only shows a small number of my subscribed channels, only as many as I can fit vertically on my screen. Can you say addicted?


    • She just looks out for my best interests, Sammie. 🙂 And she’s right, kinda. I guess I could gain much more control over my blog and pay less if I host the blog somewhere else. Maybe some day, when I’m not so totally lazy I’ll actually do it.


    • Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

      This must’ve been the first time ever somebody called me an optimist. Usually people hate my guts for being too principled and stuck up in my socialist ideology and being a regular spoilsport and negative party pooper.

      Just ask Hanne about what she thought about my permanent negative criticism of all her ideas. 😮


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