Time to Toss Your iMac?

As you very well know, even as a hardcore Macster you can’t go on forever on those (formerly) great iMacs. Since a couple years Apple seems to concentrate solely on their image (whatever it is) and on smartypants phones. The real hardware, their computers seems to have taken a backseat where they once used to ride shotgun.

Apple’s computers of today.

The new Macbook Pro is an unusable mess, nobody knows if they ever will come up with another Pro desktop and the iMacs, their former bread and butter, are hardly in the picture anymore. In so far rumours about Apple going to abandon PC building completely don’t appear so far-fetched anymore, do they?

And even if Apple should go on producing desktop machines, what can we expect from them in the future? Following the bad Macbook Pro example and getting rid of almost all ports? So you gotta pay a lot of money for multifunctional dongles? Using processors and graphic cards from the lower end of the spectrum, as they did since like forever? Will they still put real spinning hard drives into their future iMacs, in order to save an insignificant amount of production costs?

Says Apple: “One port is all you’ll ever need!”

Let’s face it: Apple lost all the appeal it ever had. Don’t misunderestimate me please, I used to be a Mac fan like everybody else. There always was that certain something about them, already back in Motorola times. It was kinda elite minority ultra clever and stylish bunch of people who used them. And it was fantastic how much computing power those Macs of old produced from their outdated hardware. Now, in hindsight, we know how they did it. MacOS is just a heavily modified version of FreeBSD, a Unix-based operating system. Cool with me.

Less is more. Really?

But now don’t you think Apple have overstayed their welcome? What they are doing now is exploitation of the fan base, bordering on criminal intent. But hey, I’m not telling you to throw your iMacs away, do I? As long as they work and give you a satisfactory computing experience keep them. But you know your iMac wasn’t the bestest machine for playing in Second Life anyway, do you? Their graphics cards have always been on the lower end of what LL finds acceptable for SL, often they used AMD instead of Nvidia and … well, you know, SL was made on and for Intel-based hardware and Windows and Linux OSes. It’s just the tiny bit better.

As I said, don’t kick your fancy iMac in the bin just now … BUUUUUT should the time ever arise your Mac kicks the bucket … DON’T, under no circumstances(!), purchase a new Apple computer!!! Oh, you think you won’t get any desktop PC in that adorable iMac format so you have to buy Apple? Let me tell you, we knew the iMac-ish format in the PC world even before Apple came up with their first Macs ever. Anyone remembers the old Compaq Presario? Admittedly fugly beige boxes, yes, but the form factor was there already. And might I remind you that Apple’s first desktop computers were adorning that same office-beige like all the other manufacturers.

Compaq Presario, ca. 1997

Anyhoo, back to the topic: Your iMac died an undignified overheating death and you are in desperate need of a new All In One computer? BTW, All In One (AIO) is what we call iMac–ish computer boxes in the real computing world, just so you know. And of course, coming from the Mac you can’t be bothered dealing with Redmond’s crappy amateurish operating system, Win20, or whatever. Well, you have options. Like real options! For example this one here:

Dell’s becoming better and betterer.

This one by Dell, gives you plenty of alternative configurations, RAM, CPU and GPU wise. From a brave office warrior up to a perfect audio-visual production studio and also a very capable gaming machine (talking about SL) this thing can do it all. And it offers you ports galore for all your external gadgetry. Aaaand, I guess you’ll be surprised at the prices compared to what you had to pay at the Apple store.

But the best thing about it is: Forget fukn Windblows! Coming from MacOS you’ll not stoop that low, do ya? Dell lately becomes one of the better and bigger suppliers of Linux preinstalled machines. In this one you got RHEL and Ubuntu to chose from. We all know that doesn’t matter the least little bit since we install our own fave distros, right?


So, now a little disclaimer: I’m not sponsored or paid by Dell, neither did they force me to write this piece. Yes, I know I mentioned them already a couple times a short while ago, but it’s just because they are doing some things right were other manufacturers are still sleeping. Are Dell the only big manufacturer officially supporting Linux? Noooo, but nobody does it as consequential as Dell. Then there are the smaller suppliers like System76 and ZAreason and others who have some adorable AIO machines in their lineup. But if you’re not residing in the USA and don’t trust the micromini Linux outfits in your country you might be better of with a globally available Dell.


PS: As it turns out my latest visit of Sys76 and ZAreason’s websites showed no results in the AIO area, so it seems like Dell is the only alternative right now. At least if you don’t wanna get some other AIO and install your Linux system by yourself. Or, haha, if you don’t wanna buy the latest Microsoft Surface Studio AIO and kick Win10 off that and replace it with a fancy Linux. That would be brazen! A slap with a glove in the face, a declaration of war! 🙂 If the Lords of Redmond would even allow you to do so.


  1. just sighs, partly and ONLY partly in agreement and partly and ONLY partly in disagreement yes macbooks should be avoided in its newest forms and that from a very long time mac fan my 3rd macbook when it dies will not be replaced by apple but it’s still very happy and sings along if i tweak it every now and then Not li,e you defraggers and virus riddled windoze machines WTF is antivirus software shouts apple users xx
    You pay your money take your choice but most of all get what suits YOU the individual

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, of course Sammie, it’s all about individual choices. That’s exactly why I wrote this article. It’s for when you’re fond of the iMac form factor (AIO) but wanna divorce from the Apple company but also not go the Microsoft way. What you do then is finding a supplier who gives you a very capable iMac alternative … but without a preinstalled Windows! And here comes Dell into play. I guess apart from them only Asus or Acer, Lenovo and HP are doing those AIOs. Only they all come with a preinstalled Spysoft Winspy. So back to Dell’s Linux division. 🙂


  2. sony also do a really good all in one as do samsung ask miata about spyware pre installed she will make up any old crap and have us believe it to be true it usually takes a few mins searching to find her out
    but you know that RIGHT?????

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, Sammie, I know most of her claims are easily debunked. And she never gave the impression to be against Microshit’s spyware BUUUT when she’s right she’s right. There are indeed better and cheaper hosts available for your WordPress blog and I’m gonna use one of those … in the future … when I get around to care about that … once they’ve found a cure for my laziness … when I don’t procrastinate anymore … next week … or so …


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