Why is Orca so Fukn Lazy?

Ugh, errrrr … I guess the subject of the photo’s got a lot to do with the lack of new bullshit stories in this bloggy:

Oubaas, yesterday morning on the parking lot of a local plumbing retailer.

Yes, our brand new Ford Transit van takes up a lot of time right now. Still no solution found for locking the doors and cranking the windows up and down. Apart from that this thing drives like a dream and is real fun, and like Turdy before him, a real conversation starter. 😉

Next thing to worry about is OrcNet, my not-too clever Acer netbook. It’s acting up again and won’t let me install any of the new fancy Linuxes onto it. 😦 I tried Manjaro, Apricity, MX-16, OBRevenge, PointLinux, Solus, LMDE2 … some of them I can’t even install and the others just won’t stick. 😦 This means I can install them fine and all is okay … but then when I restart the system it won’t get its ass up. So now I have Linux Mint 18.1 running and it looks as if all is okay. Not my dream system right now but … well, it works.

OrcNet ready for travel?

As you can maybe imagine, these things take a lot of time. Even with those ultra-fast, pretty lightweight Linux distros, it takes hours to install and fail them all. 😦 Hmm, maybe I’ll give OrcNet a last cance. Tomorrow, if my brain allows, I shall try to install something more nifty and chic.

Also hubby and me, we’re both kinda sticklers for packing light and clever when we go on travels. And this time when we go to Germany only for one week, is the best opportunity to try if we can get away with just hand luggage, so we don’t need to check in anything. So me got some cheapo packing cubes that will hopefully fit in our oldold carry-on backpack. Yes, backpack singular. I guess that thing’s got 40 liters capacity, fits squarely into KLM’s carry-on size restrictions and should be more than sufficient for two peeps. Really looking forward to rolling up all our clothes and cramming them into that thing. Additionally I’ll only take a small purse for stuff one needs to have on hand during the flight: Headphones, chewing gums, camera, netbook, e-reader, halfwit phone, paperworks, stuffz …

The old FourSeasons backpack meets KLM’s carry-on sizes, the Crumpler daypack will crumple into a neat little pouch, the packing cubes aren’t hardly mentionable and the cheapo Chinese shoulder bag will carry all our tech and travel accessoires.


I shall make a seperate post about the packing process once the time arises. Which will be soon-ish, since we’re leaving on the 11th and are starting putting our travel wardrobe all on a big heap right nownow. Well, not nownow but tomorrow morning. Will also need to wash one more load of colours and get ’em dried before I can pack them.

We just hope KLM has something more suitable for our flight.


Yes, if you think this all doesn’t sound like too much stress and is no excuse for lazy blogging you’re right. Absolutely. And it’s really not the manual action that eats up all my time; it’s the mental state, the pre-occupation of the mind, the focus on the journey. As soon as I enter “the zone”, like I’m in right now, it won’t allow me doing much else. This girl ain’t a flake but borderline OCD, highly organized and can monofocus with the worst of ’em.

It’s not a gift, it’s not a curse.

It is like it is.




    • Yes, I’ve heard about that too, Armo. In fact we used to use a bigger vacuum bag to stow away our winter blankets in summer (and vice versa of course) but it was mighty complicated and the bag’s seal broke … so we’re not doing that anymore. And for travels? Just a big fat NO! I found out one can save the most space simply by rolling clothes. And wearing the thick and heavy clothes when flying, so they don’t clog up the luggage.
      More about that tomorrow.


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