A couple days ago NWN reported about a postponement for Sansar. It slowly becomes clear why it went so quiet around project Sansar lately. We, the SL users, the money cows, the targeted customer group, we don’t want it … and the lab is trailing behind in the development of VR technology. Philip’s HiFi and various other projects are far ahead in development.



Y’all know Orca ain’t a smart-aleck and I really hate to have to say “I told you so” but *cough cough* I told you so. Told you this would happen sooner rather than later. The whole VR thing was a storm in the water jug, nothing but a shortlived hype, and its technology is far beyond LL’s capabilities. So these delays, what are they really? Just some tec trubbels for the incompetent labbers or the first sign of defeat for Ebbe’s wet tech dream?

Is this smart-aleck happy about this defeat? Strangely no, I ain’t. Ebbe and me have completely different philosophies about SL and look at it with totally different glasses (for example I don’t have to strap mine on) but he’s of course chasing all the latest hypes in order to keep Linden Lab relevant as an industry leader. While I just wanna log on sometimes and potter around the grid for fun. In order to be able to continue with my habit I need a healthy and sound host company. I need a happy Ebbe as much as Ebbe needs my money to pay for his pipe dream! And as long as he postpones Sansar and pushes it into an uncertain future the longer I can enjoy my Second Life as I know it.



  1. As soon as it was announced that Sansar was going to be separate little disconnected worlds where even inventory may not work from one to another it meant one thing to me, DOA. If Sansar is not a totally connected world instead of separate little chat rooms its destined for failure.

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    • Exactly my thinking, Maiti. For the typical SL user Sansar is absolute crap. Unusable, unpractical, clunky, silly. The nerdy tunnel vision of LL’s technocrats is a real hindrance for their own world/product. We all knew it since many years and we tried to communicate it to them but they never really got the message. That’s a clear failure in communication since the geek brain is mostly poorly equipped for pretty normal functions. They aren’t able to compute how their customers work and that we might not be interested in the latest shiny all the time but want a *gasp* stable, *shriek* unlaggy environment to live our second lifes in. Guess why nobody in their right mind uses the LL viewer voluntarily. LOL They just aren’t able to produce a sleeky, easy to use GUI, that doesn’t get in the way … ugh, am I rambling now?


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  2. Sammie, I know you are a uncaring and a complete simpleton, but the stage of my RL condition is at the discussion of moving me to a hospice to wait for my ending in RL. Therefore SL has dropped in importance to me considerably, and my time in SL has dropped to nearly ZERO. My home sim is now gone, my home and all my holdings dropped because the enormous amount of money to support all of these projects was impracticable to support and unwise, considering I could not attend them and the simple fact that although I guess in general I had been doing better than most, in the US, hospice care and the simple act of dying is rather expensive. I’d rather go with nobody holding the bill. I’m sure this news comes as a great delight to you, even though to this day why you started going after me and my reputation is still a mystery to me. I guess in general, I really don’t care.
    I know that you likely believe that I’m not ill, that I’m playing up for sympathy, but those who care for me and know me enough to communicate with me outside of SL, – in RL, they know the real truth. You continue to take any chance you can to attack me, yet I have yet to see you doing anything useful. I know that a simpleton like you, living in a world where you probably think the moon landing was fake and all that crap, would feel OK and justified in acting in the way that you do, even though you aren’t capable to write in complete sentences. And actually I’d like you to produce where I ever said I was going to produce “SL’s Best Training center”. I never did that, nor would I insult the few others whom use their own money and time for the better of the public. Again, nothing I ever see you do or say has any effect,. All you have become is a simple little troll in this blog. Do everyone a favor, if you are going to spend the time trying to insult and demean me and others, try and do it with at least the topic being discussed, if you are capable of thinking of a subject long enough to get it down on “paper”.

    As for the real subject discussed in this article, there were a lot of people with big plans when Sansar was first announced. I for one, (Remember this was before being diagnosed.) had a group that was going to recreate a large part of the North American east coast by linking our holdings together, so that it would have been possible to sail from the Florida keys to Canada. I had a large amount of cash to contribute to the project, and so did some other major figures in sailing, not people interested in land holding to do it. Pure and good sailing. All of that came to a screeching halt as more and more details came out, and Sansar started sounding like High Fidelity,( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Fidelity_Inc ) a place of disjointed “rooms”, where holdings cant be connected in a continuous environment.
    I’m not sure of this fact, but i believe that in some cases one may need a server to support their “environment” in Sansar, I’m not sure that’s still the case but I do know if it is, that’s a deal breaker for probably 99% of those considering the jump from SL.
    Also, If true, the lack of building tools in Sansar, causes a situation where most items would have to be made outside of Sansar with 3d modeling software such as Maya, then imported in, yet another failure. The fact that it was announced that inventory cant be taken room to room, or if it can, it may not operated in the same fashion or at all is yet another deal breaker.

    There are a lot of other factors that make Sansar very unattractive to me. I consider myself to be basically a typical SL resident and all of this news is just really making Sansar unworkable for me.
    Let’s just hope Sansar doesn’t take SL with it as it spirals down the tubes.

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    • Sadly now being in SL for nearly 11 years between 2 avies, Its always been the same with LL. It’s obviously part of the corporate attitude or environment and considering that there has been several changes at the top, obvious that its just deeply embedded in the company. Leopards can’t change their spots. It appears LL can’t recognize they need to listen and react to what their rather large list of customers have to say and suggest. If they really did, and worked at it with the same amount of time, money and human power, as they are with Sansar there would be no need for Sansar, SL would be a much better experience than crossing a sim line and getting ejected from your boat to inside someone’s house 2 sims away.

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      • “LL can’t recognize they need to listen”
        Exactly what I meant when I wrote about “geeks’s tunnel vision”. They just wanna play with technology and are completely impertinent to their client base and blasé about pulling the rug from under our feet. LL shouldn’t have hired people from the Gaming industry as CEOs but someone from the service industry, someone who puts their customers first and doesn’t view us as annoying dummies who can go and die if we don’t like the newest fashion viewers and/or don’t wanna invest in big expensive gaming machines just to show glorious windlight and mesh.
        I for one consider myself a fairly good customer for SL. Premium account and humble land holdings … which I still had if LL hadn’t pissed me off so majorly. Also I’m on a fairly beefy machine and can watch SL in all its glory. I guess many or most users are still fighting on 300 $/€ laptops but still enjoy their SL to the max and spending unreasonable amounts of money for the latest fashion and gadgets. They are LL’s basic users, the people who are responsible for SL’s success. They must be catered for, and LL has no right disregarding them as not worthy of their service.

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    • I’m crying with you, Willow. It hurts seeing some hardly functional human beings waste so many resources for something that nobody wanted or needed. Why they do it? Purely selfabsorbed reasons of wanting to play with the new shiny, as we know it from LL’s general behaviour since … oh yeah, since 2003. And those playkiddos get even paid for their poor discipline and self-restraint. “Sorting out the sim-crossing trubbels? Paah, much too boring. But look here people, let us present to you the newest shiny gadget. SL 2.0? Pff, who needs that crap? Just buy an overpriced 3D headthingie that’s guaranteed to make you throw up and enjoy our new world … which isn’t even a world. And which we are much too incompetent to transform it from public Alpha to public Beta. Come on guys, it’ll be fun and … it’s the phooture!!!”


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