Two More Onsens

I’m starting now visiting places that don’t sound so right judging by their description, roleplaying sims, BDSM pervert spaces, whoring places and sumsuch seedy shit from SL’s unsavoury underbelly. And sometimes, yeah, they are really bad …

The “onsen” at Laguna drops you right into the hot spa, which is nice but not very …
… very Japanese. Despite the Japanese description the whole atmosphere gives us a rather Greek/Roman spa appearance.
A air float is the least onsen-ish item I’ve ever seen. Sorry, no points for that misguided effort.
For relaxation we can sit at a fireplace. I guess this is more medieval RP than a onsen recreation.
Hard to believe this whole place is owned and operated by  Japanese SLers.

Putting some willynilly anims and bath tubs into a dungeon-like skybox doesn’t an onsen make. No matter if Japanese or otherwise. Sorry Laguna management, this is false advertisement. Let’s get outta here!

bright and dusk_001
The onsen at Bright and Dusk looks more like it, even if it doesn’t matter if you enter thru the ladies or the boys entrance. Particularly since both colours show the same kanji sign. 😮
bright and dusk_002
Because on the inside you’ll only find empty towel shelves anyway. Not a very welcoming setup.
bright and dusk_004
But the generous pool area makes up for the ceremonial shortcomings with its rich atmosphere …
bright and dusk_005
… and a plethora of nice anims.
bright and dusk_006
One could almost forget we’re in a pervert’s sim.
bright and dusk_007
Orca can imagine hanging out here for extended periods of avatar parking.
bright and dusk_008
Water is warm, the atmosphere is dark but friendly and invites you to let go of stress, and meditate for a while. Gokuraku. gokuraku.
bright and dusk_011
I liked the absence of obnoxious balls to hop on and instead meaningful positioned sit targets with a multitude of anims to chose from.

The onsen at Sedna is soooo much nicer than Bright and Dusk, it’s no competition. When you’re not looking for sexual innuendo but just wanna have a nice calming bathing experience your choice should be clear. Of course both baths are lacking in all the typical and traditional onsen stuff but at least Sedna is making up for it with a lovely  set-up collection of anims and a very nice build.


Hmmm, I’m still not giving up in my search for the “real thing”. Can’t be that on the whole grid there ain’t a real nice onsen, a flawless one. Particularly I’m looking for the infamous snow monkeys and their favourite onsen in Nagano. =^.^=



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