State of Linux Affairs

Right now I’ve gotta admit, to my shame, that I’m a bit too preoccupied and nervous to try to figure out how to create my personal Arch Linux distro with Apricity. Please, if you’re really urgently waiting for something like that, you gotta be patient, very very patient. Or … even better, remember that you’re not stupid and a resourceful young woman, empowered and tek savvy. And even if you’re not Apricity Cinnamon ain’t your Linux livesaver, not at all! During the last couple years I tested and reviewed a small handful Linuxes, dismissed most of them but favoured a small handful too. Just go with one of them and you’re set. No matter if it says n00b friendly on the box or not. A distro is n00b friendly if Orca says it is! Basta.

If you’ve payed close attention to my Linuxy antics you’ll know that I have right now Apricity and Sparky Linux installed on my secondary and tertiary desktop PCs. Apricity as a long term hopeful to make my very own distro from and Sparky as a fine alternative as an uncomplicated and indestructable operating system. I can highly recommend it. In fact it’s so easy to operate I was so bored by it I already deleted it in favour of a new OBRevenge OS installation. OBR is, just like Apricity, an Arch based disribution so not really n00bie friendly … but also not too hard to get. If you remember I liked OBR when I had it on my machine the first time around but didn’t wanna recomend it because it still had some teething problems.

OBR’s new homepage on MiniMax, and OBR “on the metal” on MiniMe.

Ten minutes ago I downloaded the new iso file 2017.04 in order to check if OBR matured nicely. And by the first look at it does actually look a lot nicer. OBR always had a lot of clever detail solutions … and it’s even better now. The Welcome Screen already gives me the option to install the latest Nvidia drivers, to add a bunch of softwares and to update my system. It’s sooo easy. Already feeling like home. Gimme some more time to play with it and I’ll let you know if I tossed Manjaro for it. =^.^=

No, I won’t give OBR my recommendation … yet. I can’t say with certainty that it’s ready for prime time … and it was never intended as a beginner’s distro in the first place. But we’ll hear more from OBR, much more in the nearer future. It really has all the ingredients that made other distros great. Manjaro, Apricity, Solus, Mint, Sparky, Point, MX-16. All those distros are standing on the shoulders of giants and added that certain special ingredient which makes all the difference between a meh and a super distro. OBR can be added to that group!


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