Hey, What’s Wrong With Y’all?


Nobody watched GitS yet? Am I really the only person on the planet stupid enough to have given this trainwreck an honest fighting chance? No ScarJo fans in my readership who just wanna see their fave actress no matter what movie she’s in?


Or are you all still too flabbergasted by GitS’s sheer overwhelming bullshit power you just can’t think of anything meaningful to say? Was this too much of a shitshow, too much boredom for anyone to handle? Or did you give up right after “enjoying” the trailers and never bothered watching the main event? Now we know who’s to blame for GitS’s huge financial losses: Orcablog readers! You guys are a force to reckon with. 😮


Whatever it is, I truly expected an exploding comment section below my humble review, a fierce battle of pro and contra like there were so many in countless YouTube comment sections. Listen, I knew GitS was more marketing and package than content, I guess everybody knew. But that it went down so completely unnoticed and without any controversy and without even making a wet thump sound; that GitS would die in total silence, no, I didn’t expect that.


Can we have some comments now?



  1. I watched the thing. First though, I have to say I know anything about the past history of the Major or the story line. So, I am commenting on this strictly as entertainment value of this movie. I liked it. It allowed 2 hours or whatever to pass by and it was not boring. To me, that is a success.

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    • Yes, you were the original target group of this movie. An audience that knows next to nothing about the GitS franchise and just wants to have a good time. Nothing wrong with that. But then why waste good money buying out the original property when you’re just gonna fuk around with it and dumb it down? If the audience is happy with yet another Robocop/Blade Runner clone, why try to force it onto someone else’s completely different vision?
      As a fan of the original movie and series I was utterly bored by this attempt.
      At least, Lez, you and I, we’re not to blame for Paramount’s huge loss. We did our duty and watched that dreck and gave it a fighting chance.
      How about you watch the 1995 original movie? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113568/?ref_=nv_sr_2
      it was a groundbreaking movie in many regards, something the 2017 version will never be.

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  2. i’ve already commented after watching a pretty lousy copy but i liked it, in a quirky way Don’t give a damn about any history, just an OK entertaining movie

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    • Same as Lez, you were happy to watch the spectacle with a blank mind, ignorant of the GitS property and former highpoints of the franchise. So you watched an ok-ish movie, completely unaware of how much better it could and should have been, of how much pretty engaging philosophical questions there are in the source material, particularly in the 2nd movie, Innocence. Lucky you.



  3. I li,e harry potter i read all the books a few times
    the movies, if you compare to the books really suck and wander way to far from the written words OK IF i did that i would hate the movies BUT as movies they work really well
    so all this expectation, to me, is pure crap take a movie on its own merits and without stupid expectations because YOUR expectations can never be reached hugsss

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    • Buuuut … but Sammie, we’re not talking about a book to screen adaptation here, but a screen to screen adaptation. They didn’t even consider the manga as source material but only stole some scenes from the 1995 anime movie and some off the SAC series. And although it was animated, they didn’t ever use any unnatural stuff that can’t be easily replicated in a live action movie. So there was no technological reason as for why they didn’t make a better movie.

      It was the typical ruined-by-committee shitfest, incl. a needlessly compromising, neither here nor there, wishy washy screenplay. First they make Motoko Kusanagi a white girl, using her rank of major as her name Major, claiming she was always in a Caucasian shell and never a Japanese model … but they gave her slanted eyes with terribly bad makeup, as you’ve seen in the movie. And towards the end it indeed turns out she was Motoko Kusanagi all along. Fuck … what? That scene looked like an aftershot and surely wasn’t planned as part of the movie.

      Anyway, casting that Danish bimbo ScarJo in the role of a Japanese folk hero wasn’t even the worst part of the movie; the screenplay sucked totally. The question “What am I? Who made me?” Was never asked in the movies nor the series, because it’s irrelevant. Not even the source material is totally clear about Motoko’s origin. To be honest GitS was never anywhere near congruency but Hollywood just made it worse by adding to the confusion. In the last series, Arise, the story of her origin was explained like so: Little Motoko and her parents crashed in a plane, and little Motoko was the sole survivor. But she was so badly damaged they gave her a full cyborg body.

      And here many people confuse cyborgs with androids and robots. Cyborgs are enhanced humans. HUMANS! So nobody would ask “What are you?”. All team members of Section 9 are cyborgs, with the exception of Togusa. Only Motoko, as a 100% cyborg, is the most radically enhanced. The only human part of her is her brain. No problem, the brain is what makes us human, isn’t it? And it’s what makes her Japanese as well.

      With that out of the way the movies and the Stand Alone Complex and Solid State Society series could concentrate on the much more important stories of Section 9’s work as an international anti-espionage and cybercrime unit. And much more fun it’s too.


  4. i wonder how many sequels fail to meet viewers expectations i’d like to suggest MOST that’s why hey never made Mary Poppins 2 or the sound of music 2 thank god for that
    BTY scarlett is great and well cast IMHO


    • Samme, I have no idea how or why you bring up the topic of sequels now. GitS lends itself for sequels rather well, tho. Yes, if you see this 2017 movie as an exposition or origin movie it could work as that. Unfortunately it was not anywhere good enough for the audience to wamt more of it. For that it was intellectually not engaging enough and as an action movie much too anaemic. We couldn’t feel with our team and not even with Major/Motoko. I was boredc outta my skull and only stayed in the theater since I wanted to get my full money’s worth from this movie. Also it would be bad journalism to write about it after not having watched it in full.

      But a normal sequel in modern cinema is a completely different property than Mary Poppins or The Sound of Music. Those where closed stories, kinda classics, not to be sequeled with. LOL But I betcha that we’ll gotta see a Mary Poppins remake … even in or lifetime! At a loss of creativity and ideas as Hollywood is these days, hm, let me talk to some studio execs for three minutes about this idea of yours.



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