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  1. I hope you know that regattas, particularly for yacht sized boats (7m and larger), are usually not held in the marina vicinity or even inside the fjord but out on the sea. In your place I’d pack some sammiches/beers and ask the RD for a ride on the commitee boat. That way you get at least a good view at the start and the finish. And please don’t be surprised if it doesn’t look at all like our highly technologized version as we’re doing it in SL. I mean ok, with nowadays technology they can time their starts fairly accurate but it’s still a far cry off the splitsecond starts as we know them from SL. Also all boats have crews, crews are made of humans, humans can and will fuk up. And the weather is never as predictable as we know it from SL. Never underestimate these factors as it’s what gives you the bestest photos ops.
    I wish you and your X-70 (I’m still so jealous) a happy time on Wednesday.


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