Red little devil

_DSF0479 – Kopi

It’s spring and down by the harbour I noticed people were getting their boats ready for the season. Mostly they were working on the usual boats you would expect to see there, sensible white sail boats and motor cruisers. Except for this hot race boat.

_DSF0478 Kopi


Tilty keel and very sleek looking.

_DSF0481 – Kopi


  1. Hm, Trappy, I was DuckDucking for Karma Police but the only boat that came out was a Shaw 30′.

    But it’s not a 100% match, apart from Shaw Yacht Design are from NZ. Your red devil looks like some one-design class. Can you identify what the logo on the cabin says? If it’s actually a real Shaw you’ve got some pretty hot property and guaranteed race winner right there at your local marina. Show more photos!!!

    BTW, love the oversaturated colours of your very popping photos. 🙂 Thx for showing us.


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