Here’s Why Orca Uses Linux

Just stumbled upon a YouTube video where a guy explains very longwindedly why he can’t use Linux 100%. Most of his reasons were kinda over my head or didn’t even touch my personal computing experiences, so I thought it’s no problem for me to use Linux fulltime and 120%. On the other hand I thought why don’t I turn the reasoning around and answer the imaginative question as to why am I using Linux, rather than why I don’t use it. Cool, ey? So here we go with a bunch of my favourite pro-Linux arguments. And once I’m done with it I hope you will understand, at least partly, why I love it so much and do so much propaganda for it.

OrcaLinux_002 (Kopie)

  1. The politics behind the GNU/Linux and FOSS movement. Really why would we give a bunch, a very small bunch of greedy assholes so much money and power over our lifes and even accept their softwares as a kinda quasi-standard when it’s all out in the open, to tinker and fiddle with to our hearts content? When a Microsoft CEO calls Linux “a cancer” Linux can’t be bad per se.
  2. Linux is free! Not free as in free beer but free to use, to change, to modify, to improve, to do all kinds of (inapropriate) things with it. Of course Linux isn’t free to make, the developers spend their time into the coding and their money into hiring servers to communicate and make their distros and solutions available for download. In so far Orca has decided to donate a certain amount of money to her favourite Linux distro pretty soon. What does a copy of MS Windows cost these days? Kinda like 80 – 100 €uro/US$? Dunno. But I guess after 6 years of happily using Manjaro Linux absolutely for free on many machines, without ever having to worry about my licence, a small donation is more than in order.
  3. Orca is not a tinkerer and no geek. She finds no joy in fiddling with software … nevertheless she uses and loves Linux. No, not nevertheless but because of it! In fact are most Linux distributions very easy to operate and only have very shallow learning curves. Actually beginners, old people and kids are proven to get stuff done more quickly with Linux than with Windows. Same as Apple’s MacOS Linux is “easy to get”. That’s a fact!
  4. Orca understands people who can’t get on Linux because they need/have to use Microsoft specific softwares, for example machinery controlling programs or other very specific stuff, like custom solutions in many business fields. Is Windows better for these things? No, far from! It’s just as I said before already, that some clever asswipes have tricked us all into accepting their proprietary operating system as “the industry standard”. So if Windows is installed on 90% of all computers all the software companies will make their solutions compatible to Windows in the first place. All these solutions don’t apply to Orca tho as she’s just a simple girl and doesn’t operate the radar system on a huge airport or sumfink like dat. Not on her private home machines. I guess most of you don’t either, right?
  5. Let’s see what Orca and 90% of all casual computer users are doing on their wondrous computing machines: Browsing the internet, blogging, consuming media, virtual worlding, some light office work and photo editing. That’s pretty much it. For all these mom n pop applications Linux has tons and tons of softwares available. And for much more. You can power a full music or video recording studio with Linux alone, and never have to pay any steep prices or licence fees for the industry standard solutions. Will it be the same as with Windows compatible softwares? No. But it will be very similar.
  6. Gaming. That’s supposed to be a sore point for Linux since most games are only available for Windows. Oké, I get it. There’s no need to tell you that again it’s not Linux’s fault if the game developers aren’t making their games available for Linux and that’s the only reason for the smaller availabilty of games on Linux. If it doesn’t work it doesn’t work, so gamers are excused for sticking to Windows. Does it help if I tell you that at least there are more games available for Linux than for all the gaming consoles combined? No? Ok then … Anyhoo, Orca ain’t a gamer so she can’t care less. 🙂
  7. Kinda runing out of pro-Linux reasonings now. But the five valid reasons I have are kinda game-changers, aren’t they? Reason 1) alone was compelling enough for me to give Microsoft the finger. But then again, yes, I’m a socialist rebel, a techno commie, so it was easy for the Linux agents to catch and brainwash me and turn me into a propagandistic mouthpiece. =^.^=
Look at all those Linux computers. Orca must be a fukn geek! No, she ain’t. She just loves to test out stuff and spread the word.

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