Took me a while to stumble upon this, I admit being a slowpoke buuuuut …


We all know the fantastic Linux distribution Manjaro got its name from mount Kilimanjaro, not? I guess Philip Müller (philm), Manjaro’s project lead himself, did vacation thereabouts. Apparantly he was so impressed by Kilimanjaro’s majestic omnipresence he decided to come up with a better Arch Linux distro (of course, I mean, who wouldn’t follow the same train of thought, right?) and started coding right then and there under the wide African skies. At least that’s what the legend says.

Sooooo why dafuq aren’t they using mount Kilimanjaro for one of their backgrounds but mount Fuji instead? 😮

Yes, I know, everybody working on Linux projects does so voluntary, and nobody’s denied their contributions, and some listless artwork is inconsequential and not as important as some real code close to the machine’s heart. But still WTF? 😦

Jus’ sayin’.

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