Eco Friendly East River Community

Xi Larnia, ex-SLCG Admiral, ex-TrYC RD and now all-around supergirl doesn’t stop to impress. For example with her private airstrip. And now she built the first – to my knowledge – solar power station in SL, a solar girlpower station, YAY! Benefactors will be the renters of the East River Community’s Vineyard development. The parcel’s usable ground is rather small but Xi’s an engineering genius so she thought if there’s not enough horizontal space, why not build skywards, right?


On the opposite river bank there is some major construction going on (so much for a dead or dying grid, pfff) but Xi’s alternative powersource is what immediately caught my eyes. I love it. This is what SL once was intended to be and what it even was for a while. Untamed creative spirit, exploring minds, curious people. And ppl like Xi Larnia are the embodiment of that spirit. You know Xi once told me she’s a boring girl. 😦 But now I ask you, how can a girl which comes up with a self-adjusting vertical solar farm be boring?


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