How Very German of Me …

… to be riding my bicycle to local convenience store and buy a crate of craft beer just for hubby and me my fellow Autonomous Collectivists.

Not only the beer, the bike is FREE as well!

Thank you Auntie Nat for the inspiration and Uncle Harry for the dreamy freebie bike. See, this is really a wondrous thing, not only is it wearable/ridable, it also gives you a much needed beer for a better and safer riding experience … oh, and it’s colourchangable too. πŸ™‚ And it comes in 3 versions: The wearable, and two display versions for to rezz at your SL home. And exactly like with my Japanese moped, as a wearable you take it with you through TPs, just like any other piece of clothing.

The excitement just won’t stop!


    • That’s weird indeed, ZZ. One should think a simple avatar, without many attachments would cross sims equally well on ground/water level as up in the sky. My volkwagen camper van gives me unpleasant sim xings tho. It’s maybe in the scripting, dunno. Anyway, you wear the beer bike like a panty so it doesn’t do anything.


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