Harvest Time In Our Garden

Ugh, what an unsightly weed crappola. Let’s kill the shit!

But then …

*Plopp!* Harvest time!

If our maid hadn’t plucked this little tomato off the “useless” weed, I’d had killed that fugly thing by now. But as it looks now we can harvest at least one annual cocktail tomato from it. Whoohoo, happy times! After the stunted lemons from our very own lemon tree, now we’re farming dwarf tomatoes as well. And I don’t even like tomatoes, in fact I hate them, so maid and hubby can fight over it. 🙂


  1. i’m now a dab hand and wood ,sandpaper, wax polish etc want me to come sort out your table and at the same time spank your maid for not looking after it better hihihiihigiiib hope she’s a cutie x

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    • Sammie: “hope she’s a cutie x”
      Orca: “that fugly thing”
      LOL, no, I didn’t write that about the maid but then otoh, she’s a Xhosa woman, her ham and her potato stompers are as big and heavy as her last 10 men, and everything else than a cutie. Always grumpy, always forgetting stuff, always asking for more extra money …

      What we think Xhosa women are. Always hard working and caring for the whole family …

      … and the sad reality. 😮


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