And Again: I Don’t Wanna Live …

… on this planet anymore!


First the world’s most most dangerous mass murderer receives a Nobel Peace Price, and now Saudi Arabiata has been ele… whaaaaaaaaaat???

Are those fuckerers fuckin’ crazy?

Come on! This can’t be true, can it? Was there any woman involved in that decision, or was it the usual gentlemen’s agreement behind closed doors? I wish we wouldn’t have to discuss all that shit anymore, anyway. I mean, who made women’s rights a political debate in the first place? We wimmin are people are we not? So are men. So we all should have the same rights. Topic closed. Discussion is over. ’nuff said.

And as long as some rogue states like Saudi Arabia don’t follow that simple principle, we (the UN) don’t deal with them, we don’t have them as allies, we don’t sell them weapons, we cast them out. Is easy. Of course some corporate industrial fuckheads will make less profit … but that’s so worth it!


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