Hot Spring @ Nagano

After the cucaracha incident Orca feels dirty. Of course. I mean who wants to fall unconscious in middle of a crawling army of cockroaches? Eeeeks, brrr. 😮 So I decided to take a bath. A bath is always a kinda good solution for cleaning body and soul, is it not? So next in my search list appears Nagano. Cool, very Japanese city and they have an onsen in the description.

Japan Nagano

Upon arrival I notice Nagano’s flatness, it’s just the typical green 256×256 square. In the center a generously sized pond and an also square walkway kinda around the sim. Whoa, some tidy freaks were at work here, very Japanese. But everything seems to be very well organized so the renters seem to like their home sim to look like that. But enough of that, let’s see what my experience was.

The onsen is very small, very public and poorly equipped.

I spawn  directly at a sign that offers me a bicycle to get around. You know I can’t say no to anything with two wheels, so I grab a bike and do a round on the plastered walkway and look for an onsen building. But no success in that regard. It’s almost at the end of my tour that I stumble about a little open pavillion that steams underneath its roof.

Mmmmm, the steam is very healthy for my lungs.

YAY! Found it, the hot springs of Nagano. Off with the clothes and sit on the pool side and letting my feet dangle in the water is done in seconds.

Yeah, relaxing it is. If there wasn’t the drag of cold air and the feeling to sit with ones back turned to the open road. Not very cozy.

Aaaand … that’s it. Really. That’s all. Two poseballs to stick your feet in the hot water. No showers, no relaxation area, no scrubbing, no washing, no towels, no dressing rooms, no privacy. It’s all very much out in the open.

Water in the pool is sooo shallow, it doesn’t even reach my knees. No wonder they don’t have soaking anims here. 😦

This ain’t a very cozy place. I feel the cold autumn breeze on my skin, start to shiver and wish for a soaking anim. Wanna dunk my whole body in the water. But no, it’s not intended at the Nagano hot springs.

Kinda disappointing.

Conclusion: Maybe the Nagano onsen is a child of our modern hectic times. Jump right in. No rules, no long ceremonies, no bandai with an attendent watching over you. That’s maybe nice if you’re in a hurry and just wanna get clean quick, but that’s not what onsens were made for. I wouldn’t wanna park my avie here in Nagano for a couple hours while I’m afk, sprinkling my RL garden.

We’ve seen better, haven’t we?

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