Good Value. Don’t Buy.

Heyas. You know auntie Orcsi has a mouse fetish. In so far you may call her an expert-ish bishie. So, without even having tested this mouse I immediately see some stuffs I (and you) won’t like in the long run. Not on our desktops!

But looksie here:


Yes, I know it’s from a good brand (obviously from a Chinese bazaar with HP stickers glued on) and its rather priceworthy. So a real bargain, right? Yes. And no. This thing is indeed rather cheap to have and in so far no big loss if it fails on you. The wifi dongle seems to work pretty okay and the sensor supports 1000, 1200 and 1600 dpi resolution. Power comes via a normal AA Mignon (rechargable if you want) battery so all is cool. Add to that the shape which makes the X3500 usable for right- and lefthanders. Geniality!

But stop right there, young mouse user. HP is a reasonable manufacturer … but they are no magicians. On a first glance we notice cheapo shiny plastic casing and the size seems to be somwhere between a laptop and a desktop mouse. So everything but perfect for your hand. Also it seems the sides are not rubberized but all from the same cheap plastic material. I’m not saying the HP X3500 will fall apart after 2 weeks, but maybe you will. Or giving up totally irritated by the cheap look and feel and the small size.

I can recommend this mouse nevertheless, as a mobile mouse for your laptop for when you are on tour. But if you wanna have a bit of fun while working at your computer, do yourself a favour and chose wisely. For example a nifty Logitech wireless mouse. =^.^=

You won’t regret it.

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