Unpleasant Surprise

Was just at my van, planned to stock up on foodies and drinkies, tidy everything up and do a technical check when I noticed … *SHRIEK!*


… one of my stupid stupid altsisters must’ve left an open pizza carton in the van … since weeks, in the heat and sun. The stunning result: Cockroaches! Cucarachas everywhere! What a fukn jumpscare. 😮


Of course that was too much for my poor weak nerves and I lost conscience for a little while. Needless to say this didn’t really help my situation. 😦


As soon as I came to I immediately fled into the safety of the cabin. And then the situation became clear to me:


Not one of my lovely, talented and intelligent sisters left her pizza in the van, but our fucked up litttle brother, Neotel, the tiny wabbit. He obviously forgot a nice huge piece of streaky bacon on the van floor. Tinies and their love for waffles and bacon are legendary, so is their flakyness. It’s quite clear now who caused the roach infestation.

And of course we all know who’ll be responsible for cleaning up the mess. :..( And it’s very absolutely clear whom of my family I will never ever take with me on a camping trip!



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